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LUSH WALKS AROUND FROME (Somerset and Wiltshire). All free, with amazing views , kid friendly and good for your body and soul!

Here are some lovely outdoor wintery walks around where we live in Frome.

THE WHITE HORSE OF WESTBURY (or sometimes called Bratton Horse)


The white horse of Westbury is a big white chalk horse carved onto the top of a steep hill on the edge of the Bratton downs. From what I can gather, there has been a horse carved on there for 300 years and it is one of a 8 horses carved onto hills in Wiltshire. It all seems a bit vague as to why there are there etc but they are pretty cool and it’s a lovely walk. Lyla thought it was a unicorn and that got her walking quite a way. Head to Westbury and then follow signs for the horse. Ther is a car park at the top of the hill. It is such a lush view. It’s like walking on top of the world and great to be able to do that with kids as normally there is not a convenient car park at such great and peaceful altitudes.



Heavens gate is a lovely walk by Longleat with views of all the grounds including the magnificent house. I don’t think it’s signposted, but you just have to keep going past the entrance to Longleat and then on your left you will come to a car park. Cross over the road through the more landscaped looking tree area. Keep walking to the end then you will go through a gate, past a weird circle thing (pictured below) then be met with another spectacular view. If you head down to a diagonal left (if you are facing the view) you might find the most amazing swing attached to a tree. Flying off the edge into the most glorious backdrop. no mummy’s turn next. WEEEEE!

heavens gate circlething

heavens gate wiltshire heavensgateswing


Shearwater is a big lake also by.. Longleat! It is a nice walk around, has a car park opposite and cafe on the entrance. It’s buggy/scooter/bike friendly with loads of DIY tipi-style dens constructed from the surrounding woods to play in (just after rowing club on the right )



If you are in the west country another must is a visit to Glastonbury town and its Tor. The town is well cosmic. I will say no more, but worth a walk around town if you like anything that way inclined. Especially if you’re into crystals and wizardry.

The Tor itself is great to walk up. You can get a bus from town as there are not many places to park up there. We did manage to find somewhere as we were early but if we were later in the day I think it could have been more difficult. Here are some pics of us on last midwinter day. The sun broke out through the black clouds and beamed down on us, and then.. there was actually a rainbow! NO SHIT!

glastonbury tor somerset IMG_4539


I Would love to hear from anyone else who has any beautiful walk the surrounding areas? There is nothing nicer on winter’s day!

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Happy linking everyone.


18 thoughts on “LUSH WALKS AROUND FROME (Somerset and Wiltshire). All free, with amazing views , kid friendly and good for your body and soul!

  1. What fab walks to go on so close to Frome, it’s great to see such beautiful landscapes on all of the walks. I’m sure that all of these walks are great to go and explore to get some fresh air with the kiddies and there’s lots of interesting things to spot along the way. It’s great to see so much open space as well, perfect for little ones who need to let off some steam. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.


  2. These walks look amazing, will have to check them out if we’re in the area. Such beautiful countryside and lovely views-you’re lucky to live in such a gorgeous place 🙂 #MondayEscapes


  3. Im back from #abitofeverything. I love the views in your pictures. As much as I love living in a forest, its rolling green hills that I find really beautiful and you seem to have those in spades. Thanks for linking up, Tracey #abitofeverything

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I haven’t really explored Somerset and Wiltshire area – I must get down your way – judging from the walks we’d love it! Heaven’s Gate looks a great place for a good photo op! Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes


  5. Gorgeous walks! And fantastic views. I love that big sculpture and the swing looks so much fun, I would be telling them it’s just for mummies, I love swings! I’ve never seen any of the chalk horses on the hills up close before, but it would be amazing to get up and close and see them, a fantastic walk for kids too. Love the rainbow photo too, a perfect end to the walk!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather and loving your blog, glad I found it! 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I know. It is so beautiful around here. I don’t think I could move back to a city now. Allthough there is not much work! Thanks for your kind words. Im glad you like the blog. Im glad I found your linky as love reading like minded stuff! xxx


  6. I lived so close to Frome for a year a few years back and I am so gutted I didn’t get out and explore more. There are so many beautiful areas to explore and the views look incredible. I can see why the first one is like walking on top of the world. Such beautiful pictures.Wow, that fountain is amazing! It certainly looks very magical and I can imagine it looks fantastic to watch and listen too. I love water shows, although it’s been a long time since I’ve watched one. If (when!) we go to Barcelona we will definitely visit the fountain. Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

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