How to fill that whole hour at the gym? Advice Welcome!

So I am sort of ‘training’ for this half marathon in March and generally just going to the gym a couple of times a week

I normally like running outside in the countryside for various reasons. See my post here for those

Because of it getting dark much earlier, I am not getting so much outside running in and am doing it in the gym.

I find running on the treadmill REALLY boring and nothing like the brain clearing of countryside running. My training plan consist of watching telly for a bit then when that gets boring plug my tunes in, then when that gets boring ( I have noticed this happens at 3k) I INTERVAL train for the last 2k.

I do 30 seconds of normal running at 11.5 and then 30 seconds of running really fast at 13.5, then 30 of slower and then 30 of a faster pace and so on. That seems to keep me from getting bored until I reach 5k. This normally takes about half an hour. (the quickest I have done is 26 minutes) and then I normally try and do some sort of toning exercises for the remainder of the time

But I can never can think what to do??? 

I don’t like the machines and  although I know a lot of different exercises I never know what to do. I always see these people doing really good moves and I think why didn’t I think of doing that?!

So I am going to post what I am doing each week, in order to make me come up with some sort of plan of exercises to do after my run.


30 Seconds of triceps dips, followed by 30 seconds rest x 3

tricep dips

then 30 seconds on and the off with bicep curls with a light weight


I am recovering from a shoulder injury and have quite a weak neck so I find many arm/shoulder/back exersices seem to agrivate it so I am keen to find arm and back work outs that might not so much and may even help to strengthen it so that I can work it a bit more!



For one minute each side



For 20 second, rest 20 etc.

Then I ran out of ideas!

Everyone elses work out looked so much more effective and would love suggestions of great toning moves I could encorporate in about a 20 min work out?

Do people use apps or have it written down before hand? Or just know their routine? My brain just goes blank! Any advice welcome!


2 thoughts on “How to fill that whole hour at the gym? Advice Welcome!

  1. Try They have loads of free workout videos including ones specifically for cooling down. I’m using them every day as I can’t get out to run very often.


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