The Polariod Cube

The Polaroid Cube.

What’s that?

It’s a tiny little cube that takes pictures and video, that you can either attach to some sort of surface via its magnet and go. ie bike, sledge, skateboard OR connect to your smartphone as a viewfinder and take really cool wide angle shots of stuff.
Like this


Remember the fun and excitement of getting a film developed?  But then when they all turned out to be pictures of clouds and half a face, the feeling of disappointment and how that was a bit of a waste of money.?

With the Polaroid Cube if you are out dong something far to exciting to be able to use a viewfinder ie running, cycling or just playing when you get back you get that same excitement  when you get back and review your footage/images but now you can just delete and try again.

Its especially exciting, as once you have grasp the concept you really start to think… what else can we attach it too?

Kids at the park climbing that really high thing, horse riding, swimming, canoeing,  dog cam. Its also extremely robust.

We are the kind of family that breaks stuff and I had no worries about breaking this little bad boy.

One other thing I really liked  about the Polaroid Cube was that you can position the tiny cube in a room at (perfect for Christmas) getting the whole family or kids or whoever you want to take a natural shot of and then from the sofa on your mobile phone you can snap that perfect moment.


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