5 questions to ask potential schools.

When it was time to choose a school for our daughter we didn’t have a scooby doo! Having not chosen my own school or anyone else’s ever before, I had never even really thought about primary school since being at it 25 years ago and I just remember thinking it was fun…So now with the task of choosing for my daughter I didn’t really know what questions I might really need to ask and the things that where/are important to us. We had only been doing this parenting thing for 3 years! (most being a blur of  hectic tiredness ) Not really much time to think about much.

Now, after nearly a year of having a school-age child and 5 years of parenting (I must have mustered up the brain capacity to think of one question for each year. ) here are 5 things I wish I had asked.

5 questions to ask potential schools.

1.Do you have before after school clubs for working parents?

This never crossed my mind before! I suppose I was used to nurseries being so flexible. If you don’t have any support and want/need to work this is essential. Some schools have nothing, some will just have one and others have both.

2.What is your behaviour policy?
This also varies ALOT from what I have seen. I think it’s good to evaluate what you do at home and see what fits with that so that your little darling is getting a consistent vibe. I would read each schools behaviour policy and see which one sits with you best.. Especially if you have a child you think might have a go at testing it out once in a while!

3. How many children are in each class?
How many teachers/assistants to each child? Some really small village schools only have tiny year groups but quite often with mixed age groups..is that good or bad, im not sure. Big classes could mean less attention for your child but more choice of friends.

4.Do the year groups share classes?
In small schools this often happens..How does that work?

5.What do you specialise/have keen interests in? What makes you different from another school?
Lots of schools have a variety of different areas they like to specialise in. Music, sports, chess.. forest school. Outdoor learning is a big thing for us as both our children love to be outside.


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