Prauge Review

We Recently took a (No kids allowed) weekend trip to Prague. I had never been before and I was super impressed. It’s got ALOT going for it. We were only there for 3 days and really exhausted from non-stop work/kids/illness, so we just decided to go with the flow and see what we fancied doing each day rather than trying to cram everything in that the guide book said we must see.

The things we did do.

Walking and taking in the beautiful surroundings. There are a lot of trees in this gorgeous city and every building from every era. It was like a living museum of architecture basked in autumn sunshine and golden leaves.

We ate out for every meal (because we could and it was SO cheap!) We browsed the farmers markets which had everything and more that the UK one. Traditional Czech crafts mixed with your usual artisan stuff and the big stacks of veg!  I bet the Xmas markets are amazing!



prague markets


I had read in my lonely planet book you could have a nice evening drink with a fantastic view of Prague up here. It didnt quite work out as we had planned (nothing ever goes completely to our perfect plan in our adventures).

All the literature I had read had said that taxis were a rip off and to get the amazing trams everywhere. Maybe they meant just in the most touristy areas? The tram that usually goes to the area of the TV Tower (Zizkov) was not running, which took us quite a while of standing at different tram stops puzzled trying to work out where the bus was and what the international big diagonal line across the bus number that we needed to catch on the timetable could mean. Once the penny had dropped  we finally worked out an alternative route  and this new bus was going  a completely different direction to what it said on the timetable. Maybe that was one for the local’s not the weekenders.

I would probably get a taxi from the hotel if I was going anywhere slightly different from the main sights as we did waste quite a lot of time and energy getting lost trying to get there.

When we did finally make it to the ugly tower with faceless babies crawling up it, desperate for that cocktail as the sun went down, we were told you had to book to go in the bar restaurant bit!

We did get to see the view,but we didn’t hang around that long. (they had a bar at the bottom with cocktails with our names on)  Lonely Planet you failed me there!

prague tramtv tower prague

View from TV Tower


There are loads of museums. We visited the Mucha museum and The Communist Museum. Some people might be interested the City’s grand castle (which is impressive and  we did pop up too and but it was too tourist crazy for us) but, maybe ironically,  I was much more interested in learning about Prague’s political history as the whole energy of the place and people as it really FEELS like somewhere that has been recently liberated.   Although castles and architecture help, it doesn’t give it the VIBE I’m talking about.

muchamuseumcommunist museum prague


It has a massive underground arts and music scene. This, I can’t help think could have something to do with the fact, if arts and culture where so forbidden before it is natural that once liberated, people’s creative expression would go bonkers! Mine would anyway.


Most Drinks we came across whether it be beer, water or lemonade were around 60 Czech Crowns which is £1.50.


Beer in mind, we only really went to places on the beaten track so I assume you could find much cheaper if you wanted/needed too.  Meals were about 150-250 Crowns (approx £4-6) down town. Even the most touristy place we ate at (old town square surrounded by the famous astronomical clock and the breathtaking gothic fairy tale turrets of the Tyn Cathedral.) came to the equivalent of £50 for both of us for wine, Delicious main (rare in such touristy areas in most places) and pudding. 

prague white horse old town squareastronomical clock

We stayed at the Hotel Union which is in the South bit Vysehrad. ( old fort area about 30 mins walk or 10 mins tram to all the sights) The tram stop was right outside which was good for nipping in and out but a bit noisy and the rooms could do with a bit of a facelift BUT for £100 for 3 nights for both of us it’s pretty darn good.  The staff were lush and there is an attached restaurant with really good food.

union hotel prague


Ok it is quite meat heavy but we could always find a veggie option and every meal we had was yum. I am a bit of a food snob so that’s saying something! It was all quite contemporary, but everywhere serving traditional dishes, quite often revamped and when I say that I mean shizzle like this wild boar pate with pear. (for about £4) I was so impressed and surprised with the food, it was really good, interesting and again progressive.

prague food


Everyone seems to be really HAPPY, friendly  and relaxed. This happy!


Here are a few other snaps of some things I thought where cool…

IMG_5786 IMG_5783IMG_5773

IMG_5774 IMG_5775


The puppet shops with the beautiful puppets that can only be described as works of art.

tv towergraftube

toilet <img class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-469″ src=”″

A Bit Of Everything

alt=”tube” width=”300″ height=”169″ />

Packing my Suitcase


  1. Love Prague! Other good places to visit are The Cross Club (most definitely contains the underground arts and music VIBE you speak of) and a bus journey away is Kutnahora the bone church! Also there is the famous Chrales Bridge with lush views and artists and performers lining it. Not visited for years – would love to go back and see how it has changed 🙂

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  2. I have always wanted to visit Prague for all the reasons you have mentioned here. I like that you can eat well and do a lot of things on relatively modest budget. I just arrived from Spain and I didn’t find it that expensive. Not sure how Prague compares.


  3. I visited Prague for a girls weekend about six years ago and loved it. It really is great value for money and the architecture is stunning. I found the faceless babies a bit weird. I didn’t know you could got for cocktails up the tower. I was shown around by a friend who lived there so we mainly hung out in the mega cheap locals’ bars. I’d love to go back for a romantic weekend without kids 🙂 #MondayEscapes


  4. I want to go to Prague now! Your pictures are so beautiful and I love going to museums. I am such a museum buff—I love learning about the history of the places I visit. It just gives you a deeper appreciation of the architecture, the people, how they live and why they live the way they do. Arts & Music scene – that is so what I would love too. Great post! What’s the picture of the two toilets side by side?? Hope to see you again @ #abitofeverything.


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