The Night That Autumn Turned To Winter-Review-Bristol Old Vic Theatre

Today I took the small ones to go and see ‘The Night That Autumn Turned To Winter’. A  Little Bulb theatre production for kids at the Old Vic in Bristol. You know when you watch a kids film and it’s tongue in cheeky and silly enough to make you laugh more than your kids.. (or maybe that’s just me). It’s like that. The three scout/fairies/guardians … Continue reading The Night That Autumn Turned To Winter-Review-Bristol Old Vic Theatre

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Christmas Toys. Gift ideas for preschoolers

Quick! Its Christmas! What to get those 2-5 year old pre-schooler age bracket when there is SO much choice out there? Something that they might actually like and play with..Can you imagine a room full of toys actually being played with? What a DREAM. This Christmas I am on a slightly delusional, yet optimistic quest to do just that as I think they could be possibly pretty … Continue reading Christmas Toys. Gift ideas for preschoolers

Groupon Ladies Day Disaster

My lovely friend takes my daughter to school once a week and as a thank you I thought I would treat us to some sort of kid-free relaxation. We thought spa and afternoon tea. I found a Groupon deal at the Hilton in Bristol for ‘Afternoon tea for two and ‘health club access’ When I think Hilton I think posh hotel. I wouldn’t call it … Continue reading Groupon Ladies Day Disaster

Introducing the Twagon

Its a wagon but you can tow it… The concept behind the twagon. Basically it’s a bowtop wagon, you can hitch up and go like any caravan. When our mate ,  boatbuilder Chris was asked to make a traditional gypsy bow top caravan on a trailer 4 years ago, he thought he would give it ago and 12 Twagons (and more on the go) later ‘Wild Wood … Continue reading Introducing the Twagon

ECZEMA- There is more than what the doctor tells you

My daughter and I suffer from Eczema. Many people with eczema, like us, get prescribed an EMOLIENNT (which is like a medical moisturiser used for all over very dry skin) and a TOPICAL STEROID CREAM (used to treat skin when it gets CRAZY itchy and sore.) All our doctors we have ever seen, have only really liked to prescribe us a few things. AQUEOUS CREAM (emollient), … Continue reading ECZEMA- There is more than what the doctor tells you


Lyla can ride a bike without stabilizers..well…just about..she’s got the balance and the pedaling no problem but she cant seem to steer very well or start or stop due to the sheer weight of her teeny tiny bike. It is HEAVY! The first feeling of freedom that being able to ride your own bike gives you is amazing and one of my first memories is riding … Continue reading KIDS FIRST BIKE REVIEW