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Christmas Toys. Gift ideas for preschoolers

Quick! Its Christmas! What to get those 2-5 year old pre-schooler age bracket when there is SO much choice out there? Something that they might actually like and play with..Can you imagine a room full of toys actually being played with? What a DREAM.

This Christmas I am on a slightly delusional, yet optimistic quest to do just that as I think they could be possibly pretty bored of the same toys we have had for years. The youngest one hasn’t even really had any. Poor little not so tiny Tim. He should be well happy this year then. Nothing like a healthy bit of deprivation to make you grateful.

This year I’m mostly ditching the lovely wooden toys that I adore and giving them a bit more plastic fantastic.

Although I have got them a  beautifully made wooden helicopter and a slingshot from Prague.

Slingshot was daddy’s idea.  She will love a slingshot. Hours of fun. Honestly..

Then I thought “oh well it is wooden so that counteracts the  fact that its still is a weapon.” Just a more traditional one.

christmas gifts wooden toy

Some other things that seem to be big hits in the preschool age world and Father Christmas ‘might’ be bringing them….

Baby Annabelle and baby Annabelle’s brother.

This doll is the shiznit. It drinks, cries, laughs, burps, sucks and dummy and bottle and you can cuddle it. The cheapest place i could find was at Tesco for £39.99 and if you have vouchers you can double them up at the moment and get it for cheaper. baby annabell brother


ELC Happyland Trainset

If the little person in question likes train this is a great first one. My little boy who is 2 is obsessed with it and can put it all together on his own. The wooden ones are lovely but I think for older children as a bit too fiddley. Its £31.99 online exclusive from ELC website.


ELC Happyland Trainset

The Puppy surprise

I have allready ranted on about the bad choice of colours for these but the concept is one that children love. A dog with puppys in it’s tummy. Its £25 and you can also get it from tesco


Tesco-Puppy Surprise

Nursing Nola-Manhattan Toys

Equally as role play nurturing and not as gender stereotyped colours is the Manhattan Toys `Nursing Nola Sheep’. A sheep and her little babies that attach with magnets to replicate them getting their milk. £17.80


Nursing Nola-Amazon

Play Dough and other dough brands

Kids of this age LOVE playdough and I would say is a safe bet. There are loads of sets out there. You can pick up play dough anywhere, online, toy shops, supermarkets.


Dinosaur-Dough Doh £8.99                    My Little Pony Play Dough £12.99

Bruin Farm Tractor and Trailer 

When my little boy first played with this at the creche he goes to that is all he played with. I have never seen him so obsessed. It sings old macdonald and when you put each animal in the trailer they make their sound.


Toys R Us-Bruin Tractor and Trailer £15.99

VTech Toot Toot Range.

The Vtech Toot Toot Drivers  range seems to be REALLY popular too.  You can buy all sorts of sets and they all can link in together. Noisy plastic fantastic. The fire station is £24.99 from Argos and there is a garage, a train station, racing car tracks and little vehicles to wiz around on them from about £8.99

preschool christmas ideas

Vtech Toot Toot Fire Station


Anything Duplo

Anything Frozen




6 thoughts on “Christmas Toys. Gift ideas for preschoolers

  1. There are just too many choices nowadays! Kids are lucky! I have always been fascinated by the “real” dolls! Trains, lego and play dough have always been favourites here at mine as well. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything.


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