The Night That Autumn Turned To Winter-Review-Bristol Old Vic Theatre

Today I took the small ones to go and see ‘The Night That Autumn Turned To Winter’. A  Little Bulb theatre production for kids at the Old Vic in Bristol.

You know when you watch a kids film and it’s tongue in cheeky and silly enough to make you laugh more than your kids.. (or maybe that’s just me). It’s like that.

The three scout/fairies/guardians of the wood guide us through the last day of autumn in the forest meeting all the woodland creatures on our way.

Each animal is portrayed as a hilarious over the top caricature of itself, complete with its own ode to its existence, sang beautifully… with very silly lyrics. Flight of the Conchords for kids.

A man dressed as a frog hopping around squat-legged (ouch) playing the banjo discussing eating a fly with a fly and a spider via the medium of song. That kind of thing.

The music, all played on a banjo, a double bass and a violin by the three performers who are simultaneously storytelling, singing, acting, engaging the audience and changing costumes and characters every 5 or ten minutes are all super impressive. That fast paced, ever changing element kept my 2-year-old happy. Which is saying something!

Other characters include

A Scottish Owl

Some nuts squirrels

And egocentric geezer of a fox

and many more…

It is FUNNY. Its on at the Old Vic Theatre in Bristol till the 10th of Jan and tickets are only £13/£7 concessions. Free for under twos. If you are near Bristol this Christmas I would definitely recommend this a great day out for ALL the family.



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