Soft play and farm parks. We are done. Move over for The National Trust. First stop Dyrham park

Soft play and farm parks. We are over.

Recently I’ve  realised that I have perhaps overloaded and in turn, reached my full capacity of enthusiasm towards children’s park, soft plays,  farm parks or any other child orientated activity.  Hectic and over-priced places that if we are all honest for the average adult are not that fun.  After 5 years I’m well over it.

But guess what???? There are loads of places you can visit all over the UK that are beautiful, interesting and are kid friendly with The National Trust!

The National Trust

The National Trust is an organisation dedicated to preserving our history and nature. They own and maintain wonderful grand houses and spectacular gardens all over the UK and make it possible for people to learn about them and enjoy them.  I previously had never bothered taking the kids to National Trust places as I thought they were just a bunch of gorgeous stately homes I would never take my children for fear not being allowed to touch anything OR breaking something very important! There is still that aspect of course, but with the glorious gardens and grounds (and the nice cafes and play areas), it makes a good, different day out. The few I have been to so far are really welcoming to children. The volunteers who work there are all so lovely and seem to love kids.

How much is it?

There are National Trust places everywhere and if you sign up they are all free. So every time you’re stuck for somewhere to go en famille you can just look online for a new place to explore. Or, in the summer be able to nip to your local, most gorgeous picnic spots!

We signed up to £8.75 a month (£105 a year) for a couple membership and the kids (under 5) are free. Individual is £63 for the year or £5.25 a month and they have other options for family membership and seniors. You can just turn up and pay on the door too.

Their website is here

First Stop Dyrham park.

Dyrham park is a baroque country house in an ancient deer park near Bath. Just of the M4 Motorway. The house is set in 274 acres (1.1 km²) of gardens and parkland. You can walk (Or you can get a bus down there from the car park. ) through the grounds down to the house enjoying the magnificent views and if you are lucky spot the deer! We were lucky and Lyla did get to do a bit of deer stalking.  She did get a lot closer than this. Next time I am going to take my proper camera.


Why is it good with kids?

Down at the house  is a cafe, with children’s colouring crayons and books available. When you go in the house they have a basket of baby carriers for people with pushchairs which I thought was such a nice touch! On the way back up you can get the bus or walk. We walked but I then ended up carrying one and pushing the other which was quite a workout. If you do walk then you will be able to pop into the children’s play area which is GREAT. It has tractors to climb and buckets and wheelbarrows, with lifesize pretend animals and troughs for the children to become little farm workers.

Next time I will get more snaps!


Packing my Suitcase

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