Prom Kween Review



We walk into the theatre to a megamix of every banging karaoke disco classic possible and feel like we have just walked into the best hen night ever. A  montage of tongue and cheek images coordinated to the lyrics of such tunes playing on the screen. Complimentary glitter is offered to everyone in the audience and applied. Enter RuPaul, of course, who is our narrator for the evening. We are IN THE MOOD.

Prom Kween is the story of the dream of becoming Prom Queen. Only the main character is Matthew who identifies as non-binary.

The story is about confidence, prejudices and most of all believing in who you are, presented to us in a hilarious, intelligent,  satirical non-stop all signing, all dancing way.

Think Flight of the Concordes meets High School Musical.

Laughter-induced tears and face-ache were had. It’s a MEGA LOLZ from me. I won’t tell you any more go and see it for yourself.

Prom Kween is at the Wardrobe Theatre, Old Market, Bristol until Saturday. You can buy tickets here


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