Introducing the Twagon

Its a wagon but you can tow it… The concept behind the twagon. Basically it’s a bowtop wagon, you can hitch up and go like any caravan.

When our mate ,  boatbuilder Chris was asked to make a traditional gypsy bow top caravan on a trailer 4 years ago, he thought he would give it ago and 12 Twagons (and more on the go) later ‘Wild Wood Design’ is his primary business.

Originally training and working as a boatbuilder, Chris branched out (no pun intended) to timber framing  and then making wagons for friends in the horse drawn community to live in.

Bowtop carriages/gypsy caravans where traditionally home for romany gypsies and now a small amount of new age travelling people who have chosen a more traditional simple way of life.


How much do they cost?

Starting from £14,000.

What do they have in them?

They are bespoke and you can specify what you want and Chris will sort it for you


What do they look like?

Do I need a special licence to tow one?

No. The max Gross weight is 1500kg and you can can tow that with any sort of estate with a towbar

How many people can it sleep?



Here is his website. He also does horse drawn restrorations, camper conversions, resorations of vintage caravans and towable small spaces.. any anything else along those lines. His website link is below.

Wildwood Design





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