‘Baking’ with kids. 5 ways to make your life easier

Baking is quite a precise process. It is not like in regular cooking where you can add a little bit of this and a little bit of that, get creative, personal and balance out things quite easy if you go a bit wrong.

Baking is a bit more MATH. If you guess it, it generally might not even work and quite possibly taste disgusting.

Baking needs a more of an accurate approach. Accuracy and patience, I have noticed  not being most  1-5 years old strongest areas.

So when you attempt baking with kids, here are a few things I have learnt that might keep the situation from ending up in tears. (especially if you have more than one)

1 .Have everything ready

If your kids are anything like mine as soon as I mention the word they will be hassle, hassle, hassle and then I find it hard to think straight to get everything out so get everything ready then when you are ready you can say the word and GO!

2. Read the method before you start and assign different tasks to each child

If I know what’s coming next, I can be prepared to use the next step as distraction if any squabbling  or melt downs start

Equally if you know what the process is before you can give each child their own task so everybody has something to do.

3. Give the baby something separate

My youngest can’t follow instructions when it comes to baking ( making a mess is way more fun) so I just give him the same ingredients separately to play with, in his own bowl so he feels like he is joining in.

4. Accept the mess

Expect flour everywhere, lots of ingredients spilling out of packets, lots of dirty bowls and utensils and lots of washing up… dont bother if you are not in the mood for this or have a super dishwasher!

5. Choose something appropriate

I think kids can pretty much ‘help’ with most recipes but easy things will be easier! Anything pastry/dough based is really fun as they can spend a while rolling and kneading which young kids love. Mince pies are a winner an a great festive activity.


I have entered this post in a competition as part of AO messy play month. Where you can actually get some quite good ideas of activities to do with your smalls. (take note of point 4 if you are going to attempt any of them) Life is Messy. Just one vote per person can help poor old supermum to win some appliances to help me clean the constant mess that these darlings create.

click on this link to vote for me.  vote for me It takes one second you just have to click the heart. No filling in forms or nowt.

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5 thoughts on “‘Baking’ with kids. 5 ways to make your life easier

  1. Not technically baking but cooking related -I have recently employed my daughter as chief garlic peeler. She loves it, I hate doing it, it keeps her occupied and is more wholesome than peppa pig as a distraction whilst trying to cook method, but is it child labour? hmmm….


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