Pastel coloured puke. The problem with pink. Why the gender stereotyping, sexist toys?

For some reason, (and I have tried to find out that reason but there are many contradicting explanations) it is believed by a vast amount of the population that pink is a colour for girls and blue for boys.

I don’t really know why and it doesn’t really bother me that much because they are just colours.

What does bother me, is that everything pink or blue (ie aimed at girls or boys separately) is gender stereotyped, old fashioned and actually pretty sexist. From such a young age we are given a role, expectations and a way to behave that is appropriate to our gender.

Check out the ‘dolls accessories’ page on the toys are us website Toys R Us. Toys R Us EVERYTHING IS PINK!

When I was a little girl I had this dog. It was a Pound Puppy, that had babies inside and I thought it was the BEST THING EVER


Then I saw on TV they had a modern day version. Puppy Surprise


Yuk! and she is only available in 3 equally pukey colours. I got it anyway as I am pretty sure she will love the concept but what was wrong with the old one. I wish I hadn’t bought it our of principle but I loved mine so much when I was a little girl the nostalgia has overridden. (and I never get round to taking anything back)

I have obviously been conditioned too as I didn’t get my son a puppy surprise I got him this much more sensible looking non-pink sheep ‘ nursing nora’ with magnetic feeding babies.  From Manhattan toys. I will provide a link to them as I like their  non-pastel offensive style!


Manhattan Toys

I have had the same pink problem trying to find a dolls house, dolls accessories  and crafts for boys that are not pink aimed specifically for girls.

What is going on in the world! Why are crafts, dogs, houses and babies,  a particularly pink,  sparkly thing and therefore ‘for girls’ OR DO THEY MEAN WOMEN?

Don’t get me wrong I personally have nothing against the colour pink, but if your a kid that likes anything remotely nurturing role play  or crafts you better be into pink and sparkles as there ain’t much else available!

Less gender stereotyped toys please and more stuff available in a wider selection of friggin colours with no sexist undertones please! How are things supposed to be equal when children are being gender stereotyped from birth?

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9 thoughts on “Pastel coloured puke. The problem with pink. Why the gender stereotyping, sexist toys?

  1. Hi and there is me thinking you all love pink ! ! No I do see what you mean why should manufactures think that a dolls house is just for girls, and especially the dogs with their puppies , both boys and girls will love to play with them. Have a good day, American slang ! Love Jill x

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  2. I agree! With boy/girl twins I wish there was a Disney princess + digger hybrid toy to keep everyone happy. I feel uncomfortable pigeon-holing my children according to their gender (they, however, are entirely comfortable with it!)

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  3. Yes, colour – pink and blue, starts from Day 0. I made a conscious decision to buy yellow or green for my babies. And then as they grew older, I let them decide what they like. Yep, even the Pink which I personally dislike since I was a young girl. I have never bought anything in Pink for my daughter, simply because I do not like the colour and thankfully, she takes after me and has never ever wanted Pink. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything


  4. I love pink and so does my 7yo and even my 4yo boy is quite taken by pinks and supposed ‘girls toys’ so it’s a load of rubbish isn’t it. I like that some own ranges like Argos can make toys that will be pink in one store s mix of blues yellows reds etc
    I do love the sheep by the way! #abitofeverything


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