Christmas travel with kids. Some tips and lifesavers

It’s that time of year again. When we get to do a lot of driving around the country visiting people. Which I actually love and look forward to as I get loads of help and that is like a holiday to me!

After our recent road trip to the south of France with a 2 and 4-year-old, I feel (nearly) fully confident that we will be prepared when in transit and when at other people’s houses that might not have all our home comforts this holiday season .




Fortunately, we don’t live in ancient times anymore and we can indulge in the luxury of plugging our children into various devices to keep them quiet as well as the old school interaction techniques.

Here are a few must have’s that have saved us from all killing each other-lifesavers for long journeys whether they be cars, planes or trains.

DVD Players-These are AMAZING! Our kids think that we hire them for long trips as I didn’t want them to hassle us every time they get in a car.
DVD’s and Audio Books. We have got Roald Dhal, David Walliams, and I have just ordered a fairy tales one.
IPod/mp3-with new music for all, nursery rhymes audio books for the kids.

To plug all of the above into for a minute peace… Headphones. These ones are great for kids Groove-e Headphones and available from Tesco if you have any points to double. Groove-e Headphones We have had other ones before that have been a bit rubbish and broke easily.


New books. Buy some new books, simples. If you are skint, charity shops are great for books.

Activity books/magazines/colouring books. My first sticker activity books are brilliant and we still were playing with it on the ferry home. My first sticker activity book. Fairy Tales! My First Activity Book-Fairy Tales

Pens, pencils, sellotape, kids scissors for spur of the moment crafting.
All relevant chargers and adaptors for all electrical shizzle. I was so proud I manage to connect 2 DVD players to one in car cigarette lighter.. and it worked!

If you are going somewhere further afield where are you going?


We have often yearned for winter sun and have just booked a holiday to Gran Canaria at Easter staying at the Gloria Palace, San Agustín Gloria Palace Gran Canaria. They have kids clubs, babysitters, the works!  I am a SAD sun freak and need guaranteed sunshine for our buck, but if I had loads more money to burn the places on my wishlist WITH kids right now age 2 and 4 (mostly involving cheapness, sun beaches and culture) are…


I love India, I’ve been a few times in my childless youth and love everything about it and have always wanted to take the kids to Kerala as it’s got beaches, backwaters, culture and the sunshine and its cheap as chips.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica looks amazing and is a big draw for me because of it being one of the 20 countries with the highest biodiversity in the world. So a chance to check out some really cool animals, culture, sun and beaches!

Sri Lanka

We have nearly gone to Sri Lanka so many times because it looks so good. It’s hot in winter,  has lush beaches, wildlife and way cheaper visa’s than India. India is now £100 odd each person, which is an extra £400 + for a family of 4 and that is a lot to us! Sri Lanka is only £20 each for the visa which is much more affordable as well as being a smaller so possibly easier to explore.

Tanzania and Africa in general

Some of Africa looks soo amazing in terms of beaches, the sunshine, animals and culture which seem to be the main theme in our family wish list, but I have got to be honest the malaria thing scares me a bit. Maybe when they are a bit bigger!

As much as I appreciate  the benefits of ‘being’ in the moment, having something to look forward to keeps me going.

Places that you can book great trips that I have used.


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