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MEDITATION ON THE GO… Why Running is amazing for supermums (and everybody else)


When  I am running, especially outside, the rhythm and the fact there are no other distractions beyond the primal instinct to keep going  enables my thoughts to  flow in a meditative way. My thoughts flow freely and it helps to clear my mind as well as think of creative new ideas.

Similar to meditation and mindfulness techniques, that encourage you to focus on your breath and what your body is doing. When running your mind can’t help but focus on these things. Without even thinking about it.

On my regular run, when I hit the  vast 360-degree view of beautiful British countryside it immediately makes me feel relaxed, free and insignificant (in a good way). As well as connecting with nature, observing how the natural world changes through the seasons.


Burns calories, tones muscles and the most important one big one…ENDORPHINS! A hormone your body produces to give you a high. A natural high, that’s free and has no side effects. You would mad not to try THIS drug and that hit of endorphins is addictive! The is a word made up from ‘ENDOgenous’ and ‘moRPHINES’  (natural opiates).


All you need to do is put on your trainers (sneakers if you’re American) leave the house and go. If you have a dog/dogs you can run them instead of walk them. It’s a lot quicker too. Nowadays I never take the dogs for a walk, I tried once and just thought  sod this slow walking business I might as well run it!


Apart from maybe the moon or through water unless you are well magic or enjoy treading water. I never did.. whats the point of that unless have capsized somewhere.

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4 thoughts on “MEDITATION ON THE GO… Why Running is amazing for supermums (and everybody else)

  1. I ran three miles to work one day – it was horrible. I felt like I was going to die. I’m never doing it again! You are fully mad! But I admire both your zen and level of fitness – I guess if you run all the time then maybe it doesn’t feel like someone is trying to spoon out your lungs with a red hot poker whilst simultaneously ripping off your limbs!

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  2. Im not a runner either (i blame the boobs) but I have a lot of respect for those who do. I do however love walking, and I get that same sort of clearness of mind when im walking on a forest path, or by the river xx


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