Groupon Ladies Day Disaster

My lovely friend takes my daughter to school once a week and as a thank you I thought I would treat us to some sort of kid-free relaxation.
We thought spa and afternoon tea.
I found a Groupon deal at the Hilton in Bristol for

‘Afternoon tea for two and ‘health club access’

When I think Hilton I think posh hotel. I wouldn’t call it posh. They, at least need to give their sign a clean. But whatever, more importantly,
when I think Health club. I don’t think…



The changing room which resembled a sports centre changing area where we had to pay for towels and lockers  smelt REALLY bad of SHIT. BABY SHIT. mmm What a sensory spa experience. Who needs aromatherapy.

We attempted to go into the sauna as there was no way we were going in the pool which was tiny and full of small shrieking people and probably aload of pish in the words of my Glaswegian family.

The very people we had been trying to get away from.

It was no good their shrieks and singing of nursery rhymes were still there just as loud and anxiety provoking in the sauna.

What we gonna do?

We went back out and told the reception the situation and could we possibly have our afternoon tea early. To be fair they were very apologetic and the guy from the gym seemed to be the manager as well..

He said the lessons would stop in 40 mins so we decided to have our food first and then use the pool after.

Our deal included a glass of prosecco. So we thought we would have that to get us over the trauma of swimming pool saga..
But it never came.. Troy on the bar was supposed to bring it over to us but he was too busy and had no help.

Out came the sandwiches. Still no drink. Dry mouthed and a little bit pissed of I went over to Troy and asked him if anyone else could possibly sort our drinks. He said no..sorry…

Eventually, our drink came. and to be fair it was a very generous glass.

After we had gobbled our sandwiches we poured our tea only to realise there was no milk. Went and got ourself the milk.

We didnt bother using the ‘health club’ after.  We were too full.

Full of resentment




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12 thoughts on “Groupon Ladies Day Disaster

  1. Oh dear! what a disappointment… not a great place to have kids free day out when all you hear are kids everywhere, isn’t it? At least, you’re tummy is happy at the end. #abitofeverything


  2. Oh no 😦 What a shame!! I would totally agree, if I had gone to get away from the kids I would not be bet pleased to see a load of them in the pool! Seems like you had a poor day, I say book another at a child free place ha! Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst and popping over from #abitofeverything also x


  3. Oh, what a dissapointment. I have been to the Hilton in Bristol for afternoon tea once and like you I didnt think it really came across as posh, but the food was lovely.
    You should travel a little further to the other side of the river and visit the forest of dean. We habe some awesome hotels here that put on fabulous afternoon teas.
    Thanks for linking, Tracey xx#abitofeverything


  4. Whoops. I know a couple of people who have had Groupon disasters (as well as plenty of good days out). At least you managed a day away even though it wasn’t what you were expecting! #mondayescapes


  5. Ohh noo, that’s awful! It’s also great that you shared your experience on the blog, negative experiences are also very important.
    So I’m guessing…. never again! 😦

    Happy New Year 🙂
    Thank you for linking up with #MondayEscapes


  6. UGH! I would have insisted on getting my money back. Why would they schedule any kind of spa therapy when there’s a class of kids swimming lessons going on??? Do they have a twitter or somewhere that you could post this post to let them know how disappointed you were? Sometimes griping about stuff doesn’t work but in most cases I have found it has gotten me free stuff. Even got me banned from Whirlpool’s twitter 😳 I am visiting from #justanotherlinky 💌Trista


  7. Oh no, doesn’t sound great. The same sort of thing happened to me and some friends a few months back. When we got to the ‘spa’ it had loads of kids in the pool and as we got in the jacuzzi, they got in too!! Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx


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